• A terno-making convention and competition for emerging Filipino designers and a showcase of new ternos by professional/senior designers


  • To encourage the use of the terno as a popular form of formal dress
  • To inspire and motivate emerging designers to create ternos that are at par with the construction skills of SENIOR designers
  • To encourage dialogue and scholarly discussion of issues concerning the National Dress

Expected Outputs:

  • From EACH PARTICIPANT (Total of 12 finalists only)
    • Drawings / studies for a capsule collection of 3 pieces of ternos with corresponding fabric swatches
    • Actual execution of the collection of 3 pieces of ternos
  • From EACH SENIOR DESIGNER (Total of 3 invited professionals plus the previous Ternocon Grand Prize Winner):
    • 10 ternos each
  • From 1 FEATURED VISUAL ARTIST (to be displayed at the CCP Main Theater Lobby)
    • Arts that involve the portrayal of women in ternos

Participants for the 2020 Cycle:

  • Maximum of 12 participants from all over the Philippines will be selected for the May 2019 workshops and convention and succeeding mentoring sessions.
  • Qualification: Practicing fashion designers only, Filipino Citizens, 18 years old and above.


  • CCP Cultural Exchange Dept. (CED)
  • Bench (Suyen Corporation)
  • Regional Art Centers (RACs)

Competition Rules

  1. Practicing Filipino designers are qualified to submit applications.
  2. Fully accomplished application forms with hard copies of required photos, sketches/renderings must be submitted before 6:00pm of April 26, 2019 (Friday) at the Ad & Promo Department of Suyen Corporation (Bench Tower, BGC).
  3. Competition finalists are required to attend and complete the preparatory workshop and all mentoring sessions from May to November 2019 and the actual competition on January 26, 2020 at the CCP. Non-compliance will be grounds for elimination from the competition.
  4. A selection committee from Bench and the CCP will deliberate on the applications on April 29,2019. All applicants will be immediately notified via email of the selection results.
  1. Capacity to deliver/produce garments.
  2. Designs for the 3-piece collection (Choice of materials, Wearability, Clarity of vision, Cohesion of
    pieces, and use of the terno’s butterfly sleeves).
  3. Ability to work with mentors. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.
  1. Adherence to Competition Guidelines 10%
  2. Craftsmanship / Execution of Design /Fabrication 30%
  3. Creativity 30%
  4. Wearability / Functionality 30%
    The decision of the Board of Judges will be final.
  1. Design and Aesthetics
    • Participants are encouraged to be as original as possible. Designs which resemble previous works by other designers, will be removed from the competition and the organizers will require the concerned participant/s to re-submit new designs.
    • Guidelines for the Aesthetics (outlined on page 3) and the required terno sleeve proportions
      must be followed strictly. Non-conformity will be grounds for removal from the competition
      and culminating show.
  2. Styling and Models
    • The organizers will assign models. Participants may not choose models.
    • Finalists agree to entrust all styling decisions of the models to a designated head stylist for the showcase. The stylist will have the final decision in terms of hair & make-up, footwear, and accessories.
    • All finalists must attend all fittings with their corresponding models, work on the necessary alterations, attend dress rehearsals, and the show.
  3. Submissions and other Relevant Documents
    • Competition finalists are required to submit hard copies of the final renderings of their three ternos on or before 6PM of April 26, 2019 at the Bench Tower.
    • Deadline for submission of finished collections at CCP is on October 31, 2019.
    • Competition finalists must sign a Letter-Agreement prior to joining the May workshop at the CCP.
    • The finalists are required to send monthly updates (every first of each month from June to October 2019) and photos of their 3 ternos in progress via email to ternocon2020@yahoo.com to ensure conformity to the timetable and aesthetic guidelines. All materials officially submitted to the organizers will be treated in confidence.
  4. Schedule and Staffing
    • All finalists are required to be in Manila with their 3 completed entries from January 20-27, 2020. Each finalist is allowed one (1) assistant at his/her own expense (travel, food, lodging, etc.). All assistants are required to fill-out/submit registration forms and observe the competition rules and guidelines. The finalists will be held liable for any violations committed by their respective assistants.
    • No other person other than the participants/finalists can share the hotel rooms designated and paid for by TERNOCON. Non-compliance will be grounds for immediate termination from the competition.
  5. Prizes, Plaques and Citations
    • Gold Php 150,000 net
    • Silver Php 100,000 net
    • Bronze Php 50,000 net
    • All finalists will receive a Plaque of Recognition.
    • All winners will also be given citations.


Mar 26, 2019 Call for Entries
April 26, 2019 Deadline for Submission of Entries
April 29, 2019 Selection of 12 Finalists
May 27-31, 2019 Preparatory Workshops & Mentoring Sessions at CCP
Purchasing of Materials & Start of Execution
(Full attendance is required.)
Jun 2019 Continuation of Execution of Collections
Submission of Progress Report via email
Jul 2019 Continuation of Execution of Collections
Submission of Progress Report via email
Aug 2019 Individual Consultations with Mentors at the Bench Tower
(Exact dates to be announced)
Sep 2019 Individual Consultations with Mentors at the Bench Tower
(Exact dates to be announced)
Sep 25 or 26, 2019 Press Launch
(All contestants are required to attend.)
Oct 31, 2019 Deadline of Submission of finished Collections at CCP
Nov 2019 Shoots/Production of Ternocon 2020 Catalog at Bench
Jan 20-25, 2020 Final Preparations & Consultations at CCP
(Full attendance is required.)
Jan 26, 2020 Competition Proper/Fashion & Cultural Showcase at CCP
Jan 27, 2020 Departure of contestants from Manila

Application form


Deadline: April 26 2019
BENCH Ad & Promo Department
23rd Floor, Bench Tower, 30th cor. Rizal Drive, Crescent Park West 5, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig City


  1. Terno Design Entries
    • Design a 3-piece capsule collection of contemporary ternos. It is entirely up to you if you want to create semi-formal and/or formal versions of the terno. As long as the collection is cohesive and the over—all vision is clear.
    • We are looking for contemporary lines that will work well with the traditional proportions of the terno’s butterfly sleeves.
    • All 3 renderings must be colored. Drawings without color will not be accepted.
    • Hand—drawn or Computer aided renderings are acceptable.
    • Attach fabric swatches to the corresponding renderings.
    • You may add notes or call outs on the drawings if necessary.
    • You may include a typewritten design statement (in English or Filipino) if necessary.
  2. Photos of Recent Works
    • We also want to see photos of recent works from you in order to get a better sense of your construction skills and aesthetics as a designer. Please indicate if you designed the clothes OR if you designed and built the clothes.
    • These can be pictures of actual garments that you designed and/or executed or fashion editorials that feature your clothes.
    • Minimum size of photos: 8R

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